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Parent Education & Family Resources

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Mrs. Lee is proud to be an ABC (American Born Chinese). As the child of Chinese immigrants, she has a passion for helping and empowering families, especially Chinese families, as they navigate raising a family and prioritizing responsibilities, such as work and self-care in today’s challenging world. Moving from across the world and a completely different culture, it was a challenge for her parents to have access to parent education and other resources in Chinese to ease their transition here and learn about the cultural differences that would affect their children as they built a life for their family in the United States. It is incredibly important that parents, grandparents, and other primary caregivers in a student’s life feel supported and have access to education, resources and tools as they care for their children and themselves. In order to help meet this critical need, we have provided a list of referrals and resources below. Please click on the links below to explore these important community resources for you and your family.




Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning


All About Young Children


Child Behavior Pathways-Quality services to Orange County families and providers and promotes the social, emotional, and cognitive development of children ages 0 through 5. The program helps children succeed in their home and school environments by placing an emphasis on parent/teacher education, prevention and early intervention and cultural needs throughout the community.


Children’s Home Society


Family Support Network


Help Me Grow OC


Zero to Three


City of Irvine Child Resource Center


Regional Center of Orange County

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