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Tuition & Frequently Asked Questions

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Question: Are you currently accepting new students?

Answer: We are currently full for both the 2022-2023 School Year and the 2023-2024 School Year. We do have a wait list that you can join.

Question: Do you provide infant care?

Answer: Not at this time. We are a preschool program, so students need to be at least two years of age*. However, you are welcome to put your student’s name and birthday on our wait list for the future.

Question: I am interested in touring your facility and getting more information. How can I go about doing that?

Answer: Due to new COVID-19 Guidance, we are no longer offering physical site tours of our facility. However, you can view pictures of our site through our Facebook Business Page and Instagram in order get a visual idea of our program (ABC Mom Learning Center & Childcare).

If you are interested in enrolling, you will receive an Enrollment Packet which includes our Center Handbook with all the information about our Center, including our Policies, Procedures, and Waiver and Consent Forms, after paying the $50 non-refundable registration fee. You will also receive documents which must be completed per Licensing regulations. These must be completely filled out, returned, and approved three business days prior to a child’s first day of attendance.

Question: What are your Hours of Operation?

Answer: Monday to Friday from 7:45AM to 5:15PM

Question: If we want to have a date night or have a weekend getaway, can you watch my child outside of Center Hours?

Answer: We love caring for our students, but we also have our own families outside of ABC Mom Learning Center & Childcare, who need our undivided time and attention. So for our personal well-being, and the well-being of our own children and families, we do not care for children outside of Center Hours. However, we can provide licensed contacts for people who may be able to assist you.

Question: Can you still watch my children during Center Closure Dates?

Answer:  Our Center is open for almost ten hours a day, but that time does not reflect the hours of time spent in curriculum preparation, evening and weekend professional development, and the time spent cleaning both before and after hours. It is very important that educators and care providers get the time to rest and spend quality time with our families so that we can provide the highest quality of care for your students. Of course, we are also able to provide contacts for licensed care that may be able to care for your child during days that we are closed.

Question: Is food provided?

Answer: Yes. We are proud to be part of the La Habra Federal Food Program. We provide a healthy breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack for our preschool students.

Question: Is the registration fee and application process a one-time fee and process?

Answer: No. Every year, continuing students will be required to fill out a new registration packet and pay the $50 non-refundable registration fee.

Question: Do you offer any discounts?

Answer: No, we do not offer sibling discounts.

Question: Do you accept sick children?

Answer: No. This is a well child facility and for the health and safety of both children and adults in the home, sick children will not be allowed entry into the Center. Please provide a health screening for your child before coming to school. If your child shows signs of illness, he/she will not be able to return to school without a medical clearance to do so. If a child becomes ill during the day, parents/guardians will be notified immediately and the child will be separated from the rest of the children and must be picked up within thirty minutes. Children must be fever-free for 24 hours without the use of fever reducers, before returning to school.

Even if your child does not have a fever, but is unable to participate in our activities due to lethargy or other evidence pointing to being out-of-sorts, or presenting a danger to students or staff, you will be contacted for pick-up.

Families of enrolled students must be in a position where their students can be picked up when notified.

Question: If my child is absent or there is a holiday, do I still have to pay the full amount of monthly tuition?

Yes. Per standard preschool policies, whether your child is here or not, full tuition must be paid by the 20th of the previous month, regardless of your student’s attendance. There are no refunds.

COVID-19 Illness Policy

*Please note that during the COVID-19 Pandemic that any students that exhibit the following symptoms must follow up with their healthcare provider: fever of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit (or over), cough, shortness of breath, trouble breathing, chills, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell, new confusion, persistent pain or chest pressure, bluish lips or face, symptoms of respiratory illness, extreme fatigue, or extreme fussiness


Before coming to school, parents must pre-screen their children at home for the above symptoms and children must be kept at home if they exhibit any of these symptoms. Students will also be screened for these symptoms and must pass a temperature check before entering our school classroom as well.

If a student or immediate family member has been diagnosed with COVID-19, they must immediately notify ABC Mom Learning Center & Childcare via email and CCLD Licensing and the Orange County Health Care Agency will be notified.  Students must follow the guidance of their health care provider. There is a quarantine period of 10 days.


If a child has a fever or other symptoms of COVID-19, but is not diagnosed with COVID-19, she/he must stay home for 24 hours fever-free without the use of fever-reducers and symptoms must be improved before returning to school.


Children may not return to school until they have a medical clearance from their health care provider saying that it is safe for them to return to school.

*Please note that due to COVID-19 guidance, we may enroll infant siblings of currently attending students on a case-by-case basis and at owner’s discretion.

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