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We believe that all “children are a gift from the Lord (Psalm 127:3)” and that each of them are “fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:4),” and as such, they each deserve a safe, clean, nurturing, compassionate, kind, engaging, individualized, and developmentally appropriate place of learning and care, when away from home.


We believe each child and their family should be treated equally, with each child’s social and cultural background acknowledged and respected. We provide care on a non-discriminatory basis according to equal treatment without regard to race, religion, national origin, or ancestry.

Discovering Beauty in Nature

We are proud of our Chinese heritage and are passionate about sharing it with our community. We are a dual language facility and instruction and play are conducted in both English and Mandarin.

Teaching children how to express themselves and be good communicators in both Mandarin and English is an important part of our mission. Here we are learning how to say “sleepy” in both Mandarin and English.

We believe children learn through a balanced approach, which provides opportunities for both direct instruction and exploratory, child-led play. In order to establish a solid foundation for your child’s future success and well-being, we utilize the latest research and information in early childhood education to develop and craft an engaging, multisensory, and developmentally appropriate curriculum. We explore and learn about our world through art, music, movement, stories, hands-on experiments and experiences, and interact with the people in our community on a daily basis. We provide STEM education and we model and help our parents to incorporate STEM learning in their student’s everyday life so that our children can be better prepared for elementary school and their future roles in this global community.

Examining seashells with a magnifying glass

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We seek to explore and engage our community in positive ways

We believe that we thrive in beautiful relationships and we collaborate with our families and community partners as we serve our young learners.

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Visiting the Segerstrom Center for the Arts

However, we also believe that success isn’t just measured by the letters and/or numbers on a report card, title on a business card, or amount of money held in a checking account. We strongly believe that helping children know that they are beloved children of God, “holy and dearly loved,” and to help them love and serve others out of a Christ-centered healthiness and to develop a humble, teachable, adaptable, loving, kind, resilient, and godly character are essential for a child’s well-being and development.

We believe that being part of a supportive learning community is important for both children and the adults in their lives. During ABC Mom Learning Center & Childcare Family & Friends Meet-Ups, we get together to have fun as a family and to build community with one another. In order to best care for children, that it is important to also provide great resources and tools to help parents/guardians as they care for their families.

We also value our own continued growth, so our staff also continues learning through ongoing professional development.

Mrs. Lee regularly attends professional training at the Orange County Department of Education to ensure that we are using the latest evidence based best practices in our preschool classroom.

It is our passion to teach and care for children and their families and we look forward to growing and learning together with you at ABC Mom Learning Center & Childcare.   

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